Sonoma Wine Tasting Tour Driver

The Golden Gate Bridge.

The Golden Gate Bridge is the Gateway to the Sonoma Wine Country. The town of Sonoma is about 45 minute drive from downtown San Francisco. Going through Marin County on highway 101 is very scenic, but when you turn on highway 37 the landscape changes immensely.

 Once you turn on State Route 121 and go flying by Infinity Raceway it turns into the Sonoma Wine Country. Lots of Vines, virtually a sea of green. There are several wineries on Highway 121 and you can stop for a tasting. At that point you have become your own Sonoma Wine Tasting Tour Driver and drive yourself.

 But! Being your own  Designated Driver is really not what you want to do. Escorting everyone in your vehicle around the Sonoma Wine Country can be good but you do not get to see anything because you have to keep your eyes on the road. Of course Drinking and Driving is not good. So have you decided that you are the one to become the designated Driver? Obviously you want to taste wine & you are on this website looking for transportation methods for a Wine Tasting Tour of the Sonoma Wine Country.

Sonoma Wine Tasting Tour Driver Information

 Hiring a Sonoma Wine Tasting Tour Driver is easy. Requirements are that you have your own Rental Car, or your own vehicle. If you need a Limo, Lincoln Towncar, or Van we work with a couple of other companies. At any time you can click on the Contact Link in the top of this page in the brown border. Send us your information of where you are going, staying, how many, your wine experience, if you are buying wine or if you just want to have fun and meet new people.We have Lunch menu’s and maps which are all free too use while you are in the the Sonoma Wine Country

Sonoma Wine Tasting Tour Driver